Useful plugins for Firefox

This is just a list of plugins that I like to use in Firefox. When finding plugins to use, it is important that the plugin is not only useful but also is being maintained.

Adblock Plus is a plugin that filters ads by there filename. The pages loads faster and this plugins result in less annoying blinking stuff on the screen. I run it without any preconfiguration, but have written all the filter lines myself when i find something that needs to be filtered. General filters like */banner/* catches a lot of things, and it is rarely needed to make filters that is not general.

Autofill forms is the best form filler I have found. You can make rules for specific web pages and most is base on regular expressions. The documentation however is not good and it is hard to find good examples. The form is filled when you press Alt+j. Please note that your settings are not saved unless you remember to quit Firefox before you shut down your computer.

Web Developer is useful if you are making web pages. E.g. it can be used to identify where elements gets it CCS-properties from. This is very useful if you are making a .css-file for a website in which you also write that you can use Web Developer for checking the .css-file. Web Developer has many more features than I will ever user. It is very good at overlaying your webpage which information about it.

It's All Text is useful if you are missing to edit form fields as in vi(m). It will allow you to press ctrl-e to open up your favorite editor and edit the form field. When you save in the editor the form field will be updated with the new content. As the plugin doesn't allow parameters for the editor I have made a small script to start vim in a xterm:
fterm -e vim $*

where fterm is a simple wrapper for xterm with my preferences. You can just replace fterm with xterm. In "It's All Text" preferences you just put this scripts name. I have also disabled the edit button so it doesn't disturb how the html is rendered. And you will also need to select the hot key - I use ctrl-e.

Flash and Video Download is a plugin that can download flash videos (and games/other apps) so it can be stored and used offline. There is no configuration needed. It doesn't work for all sites though.